Frequently Asked Questions for Turf2Max

Frequently Asked Questions for Turf2Max
May 23, 2018

How do I apply Turf2Max with a hose end sprayer?

Step 1: Determine how much area you need to spray and put the appropriate amount of Turf2Max in the sprayer. We recommend on the first application to apply 3-4 ounces/1000 square feet. If using an Ortho dial type sprayer set the flow rate to 2 ounces per gallon. Follow up applications can be applied at 2 ounces/1000 square feet. Step 2: Start spraying the solution evenly over the predetermined area until the hose end sprayer is out of Turf2Max. For extremely compacted soils or where standing water occurs, two applications 10-30 days apart may be needed. Do not be concerned about over applying Turf2Max. It is not like fertilizer where you can burn and even kill the lawn or garden. Step 3: Turf2Max needs to be watered in after application within a few days ideally. A 15-20 minute rainfall or irrigation is plenty of water to do a thorough job.

How do I apply Turf2max with a tank sprayer?

Step 1: For large areas, the hose-end sprayer may not be practical to use. The quickest and easiest way to apply is with a boom sprayer pulled behind an ATV, a truck or tractor. Any type of agricultural tank sprayer will work. Step 2: We recommend one gallon of Turf2Max mixed into 50-60 gallons of water per acre of coverage. For extremely compacted soils or where standing water occurs, two applications 10-30 days apart may be needed. Step 3: Turf2Max needs to be watered in after application within a few days ideally. A 15-20 minute rainfall or irrigation is plenty of water to do a thorough job.

When is the best time to apply Turf2Max?

Early spring, Mid summer, & early Fall.
  • Turf2max slows down its soil penetration process when temperatures fall below 32 degrees F.
  • When temperature gets back above 32 degrees, Turf2Max will return to its normal process.

Can you apply Turf2Max with fertilizer?

Absolutely. This is a great time to apply Turf2Max. The only exception is fertilizers that contain a significant amount of calcium or lime.

How soon after application should I use a weed and feed product?

We recommend either applying Turf2Max before application of the weed and feed or a few days after. Ideally, applying Turf2Max prior to the weed and feed will allow better incorporation of the fertilizer into the root zone.

Is Turf2Max restricted by geographic regions or is good for all states?

No. The reason why is that soil issues can be similar across the country. Refer to the pH of Soil page for more detailed information on this.

Should Turf2Max be used prior to seeding?

Yes. We recommend applying Turf2Max before or at the time of seeding? Turf2Max will immediately start to soften the surface crust to allow a better seed germination environment. Turf2Max will loosen the soil at the same time the plant seedling is developing.

Is Turf2Max safe for all grasses?

Yes. However, always follow the application instructions. Many users tend to over-apply the product, believing it will work better or quicker. Applying more than the normal application rates will not increase the rate of Aeration, applying Turf2Max 2 to 3 weeks again after the initial application is the best way to speed up the Aeration process. 

Is it safe to apply Turf2Max on shrubs and flower beds?

Yes. We recommend adding Turf2Max to shrubs and perennial and annual flower beds.

Is Turf2Max safe for exposure to pets?

Turf2Max is rated at very low toxicity. We recommend, however, irrigating the areas that have been treated with Turf2Max immediately after application. This will allow the Turf2Max to start the process of aeration and moving it deep into the soil.

Does Turf2Max work on sandy loam soils?

Turf2Max will work on sandy loam soils by increasing moisture levels in the soil and increase nutrient retention in the soil. How? Turf2Max has a negative charge that will attract and help to reduce leaching of cations (positive charge) nutrients beyond the root zone.

Does Turf2Max work on bare gumbo or clay soil?

Yes. It is not necessary for plants to be established before applying Turf2Max. Of course, we recommend establishing some sort of ground cover to reduce soil erosion. Therefore applying Turf2Max at the time of planting would be recommended.

Can Turf2Max burn the lawn?

No. Turf2Max will not burn or harm plant life unlike other products such as fertilizers and herbicides.

When can I expect to see a difference in my lawn?

Typically most users will see a difference from 30 – 90 days after application. Results to look for is plant response, increased water infiltration, softer soil surface, and reduced watering requirements.

How often can I safely aerate my lawn?

Turf2Max toxicity is very low. Most users aerate once or twice per year.

Should the soil be moist before application?

No, the soil does not need to be moist before application. However, it is important to water in the Turf2max 24-48 hours after the application.

Will it be effective on slopes or will it run off?

Yes. Turf2Max can be highly effective on slopes. Be sure to water it in after 24-48 hours after application. This will help to reduce surface erosion on the slope by increasing water infiltration.

What is the shelf life for Turf2Max?

Turf2Max will remain at full strength for two years. It is critical that the cap is screwed on tight and not allow the product to freeze.

Have specific questions about our products?

Soil Restoration Technologies manufactures innovative soil amendments to achieve results in topsoil reclamation never before experienced. If you have any questions or concerns about Turf2Max or Sep2Max we would love to hear from you! Contact us or visit the FAQ sections below for more information.