Turf2Max Aerator

The proven way to aerate your lawn, flower beds, and garden the quick and easy way. No more ugly plugs! Turf2Max is more cost effective than lawn core aerators - plug aerators and leaves no mess. Why spend all day producing ugly plugs when you can apply Turf2Max in one hour or less.

Perennial Gardens benefit from Turf2Max Liquid Soil Aerator
Turf2Max Liquid Aeration

What is Turf2Max?

Turf2Max soil aerator is a liquid, organic blend of environmentally friendly components that loosens and aerates compacted soils, even in high traffic areas, or where plant growth is difficult to maintain.

This unique product is not simply a wetting agent (surfactant) that simply alters the surface tension of water in order to penetrate into the soil deeper. Wetting agents will not loosen or aerate soils or promote the formation of water stable aggregates.

Don't confuse it with products that contain surfactants, wetting agents, or penetrants. Turf2Max is scientifically designed to do much more and last much longer than those other products.

Turf2Max soil aerator is a non-toxic and non-bioaccumulative (does not uptake into plants) soil amendment that is environmentally friendly.

65 Days after Turf2Max application by GrassRoots Lawn Care of Oklahoma
Healthy Turf

What are the Benefits of Turf2Max?

Lawn aeration is one of the keys to healthy grass growth. It allows essential water, air and nutrients to infiltrate deep into the root zone (where they are needed). The deeper vigorous root systems created results in thicker, greener grass.

The enhanced functioning of the soils natural organic processes means that there is reduced need for fertilization.

Turf2Max increases beneficial microorganism activity. Earthworm size and population actually increase within 60 days after the application, due to a better living environment. (Think what it will do for your turf!)

The best thing about Turf2Max is you spray it on the whole lawn, garden, or sports field. And then it works, and keeps working, and keeps working.

When you use a machine, you're pulling out plugs here and there and that's it. End of story. Sure, mechanical aeration is good for turf. However, Turf2Max is better, easier, and more economical!

Comparison of Turf2Max to Plug Aerators - Lawn Core Aerators

Turf2Max Liquid Lawn Aerator

  • Apply with hose end sprayer
  • Aerate 10,000 sq. ft. for only $28.49
  • Typical depth of aeration - 6 to 8”
  • Total overall effect
  • Safe to walk on after application
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Eliminates waterlogged soil by increasing percolation
  • Aerates soil by increasing air space within the soil
  • Reduces soil compaction and soil bulk density
  • Plus many other benefits

Mechanical Aeration

  • Rent equipment $70 - $100
  • Professional Lawn Service - $150
  • Difficult and time consuming
  • Typical depth of aeration - 1 to 3”
  • Intermittent core aeration
  • Dots lawn with ugly plugs
  • Can damage irrigation sprinkler heads

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